Turkey welcomes Lebanon’s ‘peaceable’ parliamentary vote


    The Foreign Ministry on Sunday welcomed Lebanon's peaceful general elections, which were held for the first time in nine years.

    "We wish that the election results will contribute to the social peace, tranquility and stability of Lebanon and a new government embracing the Lebanese people will be formed as soon as possible," the ministry said in a written statement.

    The statement said Turkey attaches great importance to the sovereignty, independence, security and stability of Lebanon.

    "Turkey will continue to support in all spheres the friendly and brotherly people, and government of Lebanon," the statement added.

    A total of 917 candidates from several political parties are contesting for 128 seats, 64 for Muslims and 64 for Christians, in the national assembly.

    Sunday's voting was held under a new proportional system, which divides the country into 15 separate electoral constituencies.

    Official results of the polls are expected to be announced on Monday by Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk, according to Lebanese media.


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