Turkey condemns Spain attacks

     Head of Foreign Affairs Committee Taha Ozhan says terror attacks in Spain ‘targeted whole humanity’
    Turkish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee head has condemned Thursday’s terror attacks in Spain that left at least 14 people dead.
    Taha Ozhan said: “On behalf of my country, I strongly condemn this malicious attack, which targeted the whole humanity, peace and universal values.”
    On Thursday evening, 14 people were killed and more than 100 others injured when a white van ploughed into a crowd in central Barcelona.
    Spanish police shot and killed five suspected terrorists in an operation after the attack.
    Ozhan said that he expressed his condolence to the people of Spain and the families of the victims.
    “I would like to indicate that we continue our cooperation and solidarity with Spain, which is a friend and ally of Turkey, in the fight against global terror in order to prevent such sufferings again in our countries and in the world.”
    The incident in Cambrils followed another deadly vehicle attack in central Barcelona in which a Turkish man was among over 100 tourists and locals wounded.
    On Friday, the emergency services in Catalonia said 34 different nationalities were among those killed and injured in the Barcelona and Cambrils incidents.


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