Erdogan to receive honorary citizenship from Novi Pazar


    BELGRADE, Serbia (AA) – The municipality of Novi Pazar in Serbia has decided to present Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with honorary citizenship owing to his contributions to this Muslim-majority town in the south of the country.

    The decision was taken unanimously during an assembly meeting of the municipality on the 557th founding anniversary of Novi Pazar.

    According to a written statement from the municipality, Erdogan made a significant contribution to the promotion and development of the city.

    The statement also recalled that Erdogan had visited the city twice, the first time in 2010 and the second in 2017.

    Mayor of Novi Pazar Nihat Bisevac laid emphasis on the importance of Erdogan’s efforts towards the development of their city.

    "The implementation of many projects, investments, and the protection of cultural and historical heritage are just a few of the reasons for this symbolic gesture for Erdogan," said Bisevac.

    During a two-day official visit last October, Erdogan went on a joint walkabout with Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic in Novi Pazar.

    He was welcomed by thousands of flag-waving citizens who had gathered in the center of the city.

    Novi Pazar is the largest city in the Sandzak region of Serbia. It was established between 1459-1461 by Ishakoglu Isa Bey, the founder of Bosnia's capital Sarajevo and the capital of Macedonia, Skopje.

    The city marks its foundation with ceremonies every year on April 20th.


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