Turkish aid agency gives out hot meals in Syria’s Douma


– Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) distributes hot meals to thousands living in shelters in Syria’s Douma

Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) distributed hot meals to thousands of people living in shelters in Eastern Ghouta, whose district of Douma was affected by Saturday’s chemical attack, according to a foundation official on Monday.

The agency’s media adviser, Selim Tosun, told Anadolu Agency that the food was distributed among 30,000 people.

“Thousands of people were affected by the poisonous gas. We are carrying on our aid activities in Douma. We distributed hot meals to 30,000 people living in shelters in Douma,” Tosun said.

Assad regime forces struck targets in the Damascus suburb’s Douma district on Saturday midnight using a poisonous gas, which left at least 78 civilians dead, according to the White Helmets, a local civil defense agency.

The food aid was delivered in cooperation with the International Aid Campaign launched by the Maldives, Tosun added.

At least 50,000 people have been evacuated from Eastern Ghouta since March 22 under a Russia-brokered agreement between the Bashar al-Assad regime and armed opposition groups.

Evacuations from Eastern Ghouta’s Arbin, Zamalka, and Ayn Tarma neighborhoods were conducted last week, but an agreement has yet to be reached regarding Douma.


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