Syrians in Hasakah protest against YPG/PKK terror group


By Levent Tok and Adham Kako
HASEKE, Syria / ANKARA (AA) – Residents in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province have protested against the YPG/PKK terror group for forcibly arming the youth in the city.
Locals in Hasakah gathered in the city center to protest against the terror group, which controls the city.
Terrorists captured some of the demonstrators and dispersed the protest; it also closed some of the entry and exit points of the city center.
The terrorists have been forcibly arming youth, aged between 18-30, after stopping them at their checkpoints in Hasakah, Manbij and Raqqah.
Shopkeepers in Manbij also reacted against the terror group’s actions by pulling their shutters down last week.


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