Terrorist PKK/PYD recruited scores in Germany

At least 243 foreign fighters from Germany traveled to Syria and Iraq to join PKK/PYD units, according to Germany

Palestine groups vow ‘agency response’ to Israel violence

Armed wings of 15 Palestinian factions affirm readiness to confront Israeli aggression against Gaza Strip

NATO report sees PYD/YPG as PKK’s Syrian offshoot

If NATO report is accepted in current form, PYD/YPG will be officially recognized as PKK’s Syrian offshoot

Lavrov, Pompeo discuss Syrian and Ukrainian crises

Top US, Russian diplomats have 1st phone conversation since Mike Pompeo was appointed secretary of state

Israeli gov’t approves new West Bank settlement units

Government approves construction of 450 new settlement units south of Jerusalem

‘YPG may withdraw from Manbij by end of summer time’

Turkish foreign minister says ratification of pre-agreed roadmap in Syria tops agenda of his Washington visit on June 3-4

Gazan youth dies of wounds in Jerusalem

Since late March, more than 117 Palestinians have been martyred by Israeli army fire

Civilians stage protest against YPG/PKK in N Syria

Hundreds of protesters pour out to 5 different streets in Raqqa

Israeli bullets leave Palestine brothers in wheelchairs

Since March 30, more than 115 Palestinians have been martyred by Israeli army gunfire

Gaza groups agree to cease-fire with Israel: Hamas

There was no comment from Israel on the claim