Istanbul march backs Palestinian cause

People in march organized by Humanitarian Relief Foundation chant: 'Jerusalem is capital of Muslims'

UN decries Israeli plan to demolish Bedouin homes

Red Cross to send two surgical teams with 50-bed surgical unit to Gaza

Damascus ready to reassert control over N. Syria: Assad

If talks with YPG/PKK terror group break down, Syrian regime is prepared to retake region 'by force'

Lebanon-Syria contacts ongoing to repatriate refugees

Lebanon currently hosts almost one million refugees from neighboring Syria

Israel approves 1,500 new West Bank settlement units

600,000 Israelis now live on 100 Jewish-only settlements built across West Bank, East Jerusalem

Hamas hails Kuwait for blocking UNSC draft resolution

Draft resolution had reportedly condemned Gaza-based resistance groups for firing rockets into Israel

Israeli army rounds up 17 Palestinians in W. Bank raids

Israel frequently carries out arrest campaigns across West Bank on pretext of searching for ‘wanted’ Palestinians

US alliance with terror group in Syria ‘grave mistake’

Turkish FM Cavusoglu says US as a country fighting terrorism contradicts itself by cooperating with terrorists

US denies Palestinians need international protection

'The people of Gaza need protection from Hamas,' U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says

Israel denies cease-fire with Gaza-based groups

Denial comes after Israeli warplanes strike resistance positions across Gaza Strip