Victims of PYD/PKK oppression declare ordeal


War survivors hope to return home after Turkish forces clear northern Syria of terrorists

 – Refugees who fled Tal Abyad town of northern Syria’s Raqqah city to Turkey narrated the oppression they faced at the hand of terrorist group PYD/PKK.

 They said they were waiting to return to their homeland after the Turkish Armed Forces clear their town of terrorist elements as part of the ongoing operation.

Mostafa Nasir, who was engaged in the construction business in Tel Abyad before the war, said the PYD/PKK occupied their lands and forced them to migrate.

“We were forced to take refuge in Turkey with our relatives. We are concerned about the lives of our relatives who we have left behind,” Nasir said. “No country but Turkey helped us.”

Nasir said in some video footage PYD/PKK was seen killing and burning people who did not obey them.

He added that the terrorist group tortured people to death and displaced residents for supporting Turkey.

“Their aim is to enforce people’s relocation by implementing a deportation policy and to establish a Kurdish state in our land,” Nasir added. “We do not have any problem with Kurdish people, our only concern is PYD/PKK terrorist organization.”

According to Ibrahim Umair, another PKK/PYD victim living in Turkey, the terror organization forces Arabs to fight against other Arabs.

“The PYD/PKK is trying to establish a state within a state. They take our houses, our lands and use them,” said Umair, adding that the terror group has forcibly recruited young boys and girls and are making them fight against the Free Syrian Army.