Turkish premier vows to improve work safety


Premier Binali Yildirim has said his government will introduce a new system of precautions to enhance working conditions and prevent fatal occupational accidents in Turkey.

Addressing the Occupational Health and Safety Congress in Istanbul on Sunday, Yildirim said the new system aims to decrease the number of occupational accidents in the country to zero.

"It is the ideal one, the perfect goal but we will provide the necessary training, and place more precautions to minimize human errors to achieve this goal," the prime minister said.

Yildirim said no technology has yet been invented to prevent human errors causing work accidents.

"So we need to invest in human [resources] to promote the importance of work safety and raise awareness."

Stating that regulations, unfortunately, always came after accidents, Yildirim added: "However, it is better to make regulations as an accumulation of long experiences, not after the accident."


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