Turkish cargo vessel, Greek warship collide in Aegean


A Turkish cargo vessel briefly collided with a Greek warship in the Aegean Sea early on Friday, Turkey's Transportation, Maritime and Communication Ministry said.

In a statement, the ministry said the Karmate, a Turkish-flagged 73-meter-long cargo vessel carrying more than 2,000 tons of cement from Turkey’s Aegean Izmir province to northwestern Tekirdag, collided with the Armatolos, a Greek-flagged 55-m warship, around 3.8 miles east of Greece’s Lesbos Island at 4.08 a.m. (0108GMT).

Both ships proceeded on their own way as of 04.10 a.m. (0110GMT), it said.

Neither ship was at risk of sinking, and no casualties or injuries were reported, the statement said.

Coordination between Turkish and Greek search and rescue centers was established following the incident, the statement added.

Mentioning minor damage on both ships, the statement said the Turkish vessel arrived at Izmir’s port of Dikili at 05.15 a.m (0215GMT) after changing its route.

The incident is being investigated, it added.


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