Turkish agency distributes Ramadan aid in South Africa


A foundation linked to Turkey's top religious body distributed food packages in three regions of South Africa, a volunteer said Monday.

Selman Aktas said the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) helped 800 families in a span of three days.

The aid was sent by Turkish philanthropists for the month of Ramadan.

Aktas said people in these regions live in abject poverty.

"The residents don't have proper housing. The houses are made out of tin and they used shared toilets and bathrooms. They don't have access to clean water or electricity.

"The living conditions are worse than in refugee camps."

He said the residents were happy to receive aid from a faraway country.

"They know and follow developments in Turkey. They say they pray for our country, not just Turkey but all Muslim countries," he said, adding that there is a serious lack of education facilities in the areas.

The volunteers also distributed balloons and candies to children.

This year TDV is reaching out to people in need in 84 countries and 300 regions.


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