Istanbul police impound 80 kilograms of heroin


Police in Istanbul seized 80 kilograms (176 pounds) of heroin during anti-drug raids Wednesday, according to police sources.

Six suspects were arrested in four simultaneous raids in different parts of the city, the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on talking to the media, said.

In western Balikesir province, two suspects were remanded in custody for allegedly selling drugs, sources added.

Also, seven people were arrested in western Denizli province during police operations against smuggling of cigarettes.

Twelve other suspects were also arrested during anti-narcotics operations in other parts of Turkey.

Meanwhile, the 18th Heavy Penal Court in Istanbul handed down prison sentences to three Turkish celebrities for their involvement in drug trafficking.

Actors Cagatay Ulusoy and Gizem Karaca were each given four years and two months in jail for drug trafficking.

Singer Cenk Eren, who had been convicted for engaging in cocaine trafficking, was also given six years and three months in prison on the same charge.


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