Head of Turkey’s Diyanet celebrates mid-Sha’ban


Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate head on Monday issued a celebratory message about Laylat al-Bara’at (the night of forgiveness and salvation), the 15th night of Sha’ban, which is the eighth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

In his message, Prof. Ali Erbas said Bara’at is considered as auspicious in the Islamic tradition, an abundantly blessed night when believers seek divine forgiveness and mercy.

"On the occasion of this blessed night, I wish that our nation be ridden of all kinds of trouble and distress. I also implore Almighty Allah to let us reach the month of Ramadan having been purged of all our sins that burden our hearts,” he said.

Erbas stressed that Bara’at should endow people with the consciousness of servanthood and accountability that urge us to forgive others if we want to be forgiven.

“The first prerequisite of conscious observation of this night is to learn what things and what kind of people to stay away from and then what things and what kind of people to stand close to,” he said, calling Bara’at a golden opportunity to try to return to our primordial sinless human nature with which we are born.

The Night of Bara'at is also known as a time that brings the glad tidings of the approaching advent of Ramadan, the blessed month of fasting during which Muslims abstain from food and drink and marital relations from predawn to sunset.


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