Disabled Gazan siblings brought to Turkey for treatment


Gazan siblings, who are amputated waist down, were brought to Turkey for treatment on Tuesday.

The siblings were born with a congenital amputation and could not be treated in Gaza due to medical complications.

Secud, 9, Mahmud, 7, and Enes, who is only 9 months old, were welcomed along with their family by Turkish Health Ministry officials at the Esenboga Airport in the capital Ankara.

The brothers were brought to the city following instructions by Health Minister Ahmet Demircan, who saw their photograph at a contest organized by Anadolu Agency.

The picture titled "Life of disabled siblings" was taken by Ali Jadallah.

The family was assured that the brothers will be provided the best treatment in Turkey.

Due to an Israeli blockade, the Gaza Strip’s roughly 2 million inhabitants have come to rely on a sophisticated network of cross-border tunnels to import basic commodities, including food, fuel, and medicine.


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