Cyclists arrive in Turkey 7 days after leaving Belgrade


A group of Turkish and Serbian cyclists arrived in northwestern Turkey on Friday, seven days after setting off from Serbian capital Belgrade.

The Friendship Bridge tour have cycled all the way from the Istanbul Gate in Belgrade to the Belgrade Gate in Istanbul; the tour was organized to mark the visit of Serbian President Alexander Vucic to Turkey on May 7.

The nine-day tour of Turkish cyclists Oguzhan Ermis and Muhammed Ali Oguz, alongside Serbian cyclists Milica Rakic and Alexander Mijatovic took a break in northwestern Edirne province.

The cyclists were welcomed by the province’s Governor Gunay Ozdemir at his office.

Mentioning how the friendship bridge tour was boosting ties between the two countries, Gunay said: “I hope this friendship spreads in waves. I believe that it will involve Turkish and Serbian people.”

Fatih Harmanci, a trainer from central Konya’s youth and sports service directorate, said the tour would carry on.

The tour is expected to end on May 6.

The cyclists have been pedalling 130 kilometers (80 miles) each day to cover a 1,200-kilometre (around 745-mile) route.


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