Bosnia praised over investment opportunities in tourism


A representative of the Bahrain-Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Association has praised Bosnia and Herzegovina for "investment opportunity" in tourism.

"Bosnia and Herzegovina has a great potential and investment opportunity, especially in tourism. With its natural beauties, it is the right time to invest in tourism," said Jawad Yousuf Alhawaj on Thursday.

His remarks came on the second day of 9th Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) during a panel titled “Tourism as a Quick Growth for Southeast Europe".

Alhawaj said Bosnians were tolerant and hospitable, adding that the ease of establishing a company in the country was an incentive to invest.

‘Adventure tourism’

Snjezana Derviskadic, the leader of the Regional Cooperation Council Tourism Project Team, said tourism was one of the pillars of the economy but it had remained ineffective for many years.

"Apart from traditional tourism areas in the new period, new forms of tourism such as adventure tourism are now originating. The region offers remarkable locations in this sense.

"Tourism could open new business gates by bringing development to the region," said Derviskadic.

'Better future'

Vedrana Likan, the administrative manager of Colliers International for Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the Balkan countries were new investment spots in tourism.

They have been working particularly with Arab investors in recent years, according to Likan.

"Tourism will bring a better future for the countries of the region because it has become one of the mainstays of the economy," she said.

'Balkan Davos'

The panels being held on the last day of the Sarajevo Business Forum are: "Impact on EU Supply Chain and Western Balkan Companies", "Capitalization in Information Technology and Socioeconomic Trends in Southeast Europe", and "Dubai as an Economic Development Model for Other Regions".

Dubbed the "Balkan Davos", the event focuses on expanding regional economic cooperation and attracting international investment to Southeast Europe.

Anadolu Agency is the global communications partner for the two-day event.

The event hosts about 8,000 participants from different countries.

The forum has been held since 2010 in a collaborative effort by Bosna Bank International and Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank.

Since then, it has been attended by top officials from around the globe. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad, Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic as well as ministers from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar are some of those who have attended the forum so far.


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