Turkey’s Nurol dubs new light armored vehicle ‘Yoruk’


Turkish armored vehicle producer Nurol Makina has chosen "Yoruk" as the name for its newest light armored vehicle.

The company aims to get the Yoruk — previously called the NMS 4X4 — combat ready by the end of July or the beginning of August, Hakan Arisut, business development manager at Nurol Makina, told Anadolu Agency.

The vehicle has multi-modular and high protection ability which can be maintained under the most difficult combat conditions, Arisut said.

He underlined that the vehicle got a great deal of attention on international platforms even during the testing phase.

"It also gave us the possibility to export. It's a really dynamic vehicle. We're proud for our defense industry," Arisut said.

Yoruk was designed on a military chassis with a fully independent suspension, constant 4×4 drive, and an auto central tire inflation system.

The Yoruk, weighing in at eight tons, is capable of carrying fully half that weight.


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