Early elections to boost ties with Turkey: Tatar leader


Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov said Friday that Turkey's early elections would accelerate cooperation between both countries,

"There is a very flexible business circle in Turkey that accommodates new conditions well," Minnikhanov said during his speech at the Turkey-Tatarstan Business Forum organized by Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK).

Turkish Deputy Minister of Economy Fatih Metin said the republic of Tatarstan had a special "bridging" role between Russia and Turkey.

"There is a religious, ethnic past and unity [shared] between Tatar and Turkish people. For this reason, Tatarstan fulfills this bridging role very well," Metin said.

“Currently, Turkey and Russia are experiencing a golden age.”

Metin noted that the most important part of Turkish investments in Russia were in Tatarstan.

“There is a cooperation in every field between Turkey and Russia, and Tatarstan is at the center of it,” he added.

Nail Olpak, the head of DEIK, said also described Tatarstan as "a bridge" linking the Turkish and Islamic worlds to Russia.

Tuncay Ozilhan, chairman of the Turkish-Russian Business Council at DEIK, also said close relations between Russia and Turkey were determining factors to maintain peace and stability in Eurasia.

"Tatarstan is economically one of the most important regions in Russia thanks to its […] geographical location, rich natural sources, qualified work force, advanced industry and strong transportation infrastructure," Ozilhan said.

Ozilhan said Turkish firms ranked first among foreign capital companies operating in Tatarstan.

"Nearly one fourth of total foreign investments in Tatarstan are constituted by Turkey," he said.


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