Turkish Tulip Festival opens in Switzerland


Around 30,000 Turkish tulip flowers of different shapes and colors are displayed at a tulip festival in the city of Morges, Switzerland.

The two-day Turkish Tulip Festival was launched on Saturday as part of a month-long Morges Tulip Festival at Morges Independence Park, located on the shore of Lake Geneva.

"We have organized the event for the 9th time at this park. Istanbul sent 30,000 flowers to Morges municipality for this event," Ertan Ozbatur, the organizer of the festival, told Anadolu Agency.

The Turkish music is being played in the park, while the visitors can also have a taste of Turkish food at the festival.

Morges welcomes the return of the spring season every year in April with tulips from all over the world and Turkey has been sending its tulips to the city every year since 2010.


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