Turkish archery exhibition opens in Serbian capital


An exhibition on traditional Turkish archery opened on Monday in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

Turkey's Archers Foundation organized the exhibition with the aim to introduce people to the history of the sport.

Kemankes Turkish Archery exhibition allows visitors to see original works.

The opening was attended by Serbian Culture Minister Vladan Vukosavljevic, Tourism Minister Kasim Ljajic, World Etnosport Confederation President Bilal Erdogan, Archers Foundation President Haydar Ali Yildiz, Turkey's Belgrade Ambassador Tanju Bilgic and Yunus Emre Institute President Seref Ates.

Speaking at the event, Vukosavljevic said the exhibition marks cultural cooperation between Turkey and Serbia.

Erdogan said: "The society can use history to create conflict and divide, or for friendship, brotherhood and love. The presidents of Serbia and Turkey are using 500 years of common history for betterment of communities."

Yildiz said: "Every culture has its own values. We want youngsters to own their history, culture and civilization."

The exhibition is open to the public till May 5.

The Archers Foundation was founded in Istanbul in 2013.


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