Motherhood in animal kingdom touches hearts


The unconditional and unlimited love between mothers and their children is one of the strongest bonds in the world, not only for humans, but also for the animal kingdom.

Mothers teach their children how to survive and how to be strong, while showing love and expecting little in return, something seen in humans and also in relationships among animals.

In Turkey’s northwestern Bursa province and the larger region, Anadolu Agency photographers captured the beauty of motherhood in the animal world by showing various animals caring for their offspring.

From storks, deer, kangaroos, capybaras (a large South American rodent), goats, and cows, the pictures show the compassion and protective instinct of motherhood in the animal kingdom.

The strong bond of motherhood teaches their brood how to survive, to be strong, to hunt, to nest, and how to reach food in the natural world.





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