Migratory birds of Kizilirmak River Delta in Turkey’s Samsun


Migratory birds float on the Kizilirmak River Delta Bird Paradise which is located in the north side of Samsun and stays within the borders of Samsun’s 19 Mayis, Bafra and Alacam districts, flowing into the Black Sea with covering an area of approximately 56,000 hectares, in Black Sea province of Samsun.

With the existence of 140 different species and more than 350 migratory bird species, also its biodiversity, location on the migration routes and various habitats it has been included in UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List. Kizilirmak River Delta, one of the leading wetlands of Turkey, contains in a large number of large and small lakes, reed fields and species. Kizilirmak River Delta hosts many migratory birds from Africa and Siberia.


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